Refuel Cricket Powder Mix Supplement – Cocoa (regular)

High Protein Nutrient supplement

Refuel is a high protein, super nourishing, sugar free blend harnessing the natural superfood goodness of crickets.  With 30g of protein per serve and packed full of vitamins and minerals, Refuel is an awesome supplement for athletes and sports people and anyone wanting to get quick and easy nutrition.  Refuel is popular with busy executives, and on the go mums, as it’s high in protein, delivers a huge nutrient boost and is perfect it you don’t have time to stop for lunch.


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More information:


  • 30g of protein – with all 9 essential amnio acids
  • High in vitamins B2, B12 – great for energy and metabolism
  • Mineral rich – Calcium, Iron, Potassium, Magnesium & Selenium for general muscle, anti-inflammatory, cardiovascular, and neurological health
  • Omega 3’s – helps with inflammation, heart health and can help fight anxiety and depression
  • Prebiotics and fibre – for digestion, immunity and overall gut health
  • 100% natural, clean ingredients
  • Lactose and gluten free

Pack Sizes

Available in single serve sachets (72g), multipack sachets and 1.44kg tubs (20 serves).

Why Refuel Chocolate

Refuel is packed full of natural vitamins and minerals known to help with fatigue, immunity, gut health, metabolism, heart health, brain health, muscle strength and nerve function. With a beautiful creamy texture, Refuel is 100% clean and has no added sugar.  Because we like to replica breitling navitimer mb0210b6 bc79 002 46mm mens stainless steel for sale keep things as nature intended, our gorgeous creamy chocolate taste comes from organic coco powder, organic coconut milk and is sweetened with monk fruit blend erythritol.  An all-natural ingredient blend which only serves to further enhance the nutritional content of the shake.

With a great range of B vitamins and plenty of minerals, Refuel can help you maintain energy and focus late in the afternoon.  With prebiotics and 13% of your daily fibre requirements, Refuel Chocolate is highly beneficial for your gut too. Check out the latest research which links crickets to great gut health HERE.

Research has also shown that when taken together magnesium and riboflavin (vitamin B2) can help relieve and prevent migraines.  Just one sachet of Refuel contains 30% of your daily vitamin B2 requirement and 20% of your daily magnesium requirement, which not only delivers great my link quality nourishment to your body but may provide welcome relief for migraine sufferers.

Available in single serve sachets, multipack sachets and tubs, Refuel is great for you, and great for the planet too.

$4.99 Shipping with the United States. Free shipping within the United States when you spend over $30!