Mar 10, 2020

The Paradox Protein range harnesses the best of nature to bring you high quality, high density, natural food supplements that are kind to the body, kind to the planet and 100% natural.

Paradox Protein’s range of supplements and blended protein powders pack a real punch in the nutrient department. Despite their insect origins, crickets are a natural nutritional powerhouse packed full of vitamins, minerals, protein, prebiotics and fibre and really embody what a superfood is all about. They contain –

Complete (BCAA) Protein – Contains all 9 essential amino acid for optimum muscle strength, repair and recovery.

Iron – essential for transporting oxygen around the body and helps prevent exhaustion & fatigue.

Calcium – for healthy bones and to help prevent muscle cramping.

B Vitamins – excellent source of Vit B2 and Vit B12 vital for metabolism, nerve function & neurological (brain) function.

Omega 3’s – anti-inflammatory and great for brain health. Can help lower the risk of heart disease, depression, dementia and arthritis.

Potassium – to support blood pressure, cardiovascular health, bone & muscle strength.

Prebiotics & fibre – to enhance gut health, digestion and absorption of nutrients, immunity and general wellbeing.

Naturally bio-available – easily absorbed into the body so you can get the benefits from the food you eat.

With such a high concentration of beneficial nutrients, crickets are a truly unique superfood!