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Clean, sustainable & nutrient dense cricket protein

Paradox Protein sets the new benchmark for natural superfoods that are ultra clean, sustainable and nutritionally dense. Our range of high-quality cricket protein blends and supplements are dairy free, gluten free, sugar free and 100% natural. Plus, they band watches men’s rolex fake are packed with natural pre-biotics and easy to absorb (bio-available) so they’ll love your body, feed your gut and keep you feeling good.
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Three decades in the food industry

With over three decades in the food industry in the UK and an award-winning career as a director of nutritional services in the USA, Allison has always been passionate about food and how nutrition can contribute to health and wellbeing.

Allison left her job as a medical nutritionist to focus on her rapidly expanding family business centred around cricket farming.  As she became more involved in cricket farming, Allison was amazed to find out that crickets weren’t just a fantastic source of protein but provided a broad range of macro and micronutrients.  In-fact, crickets rolex yacht master de los hombres 40mm 116621 78801 esfera marrn tono plateado had such a dense nutritional profile they could be classified as a superfood.  So, Allison set about combining her love of food with her passion for crickets and started researching crickets for human consumption.   She was happy to discover that around 80% of the world’s population were already eating crickets and other bugs due to their rich nutrient profile and it was both safe and beneficial for humans to eat crickets. 


Cricket Pills and Superfood Supplements

Determined to make an impact and help improve people’s diet, Paradox Protein was launched to offer a range of cricket-based superfood proteins and supplements.  The thought of eating crickets can be quite disconcerting for some Westerners, so Allison took her inspiration from algae-based superfoods such as spirulina and chlorella and turned her crickets into a fine powder.  As innovators in this new and emerging market, Paradox Protein created Vitality Pills, the first of its kind – highly nutritious capsules filled with 100% pure ground crickets.  These superfood capsules give you all the natural protein, vitamins and minerals from crickets in an easy to swallow pill.

Making Good Nutrition Quick & Easy

With today’s fast pace of living and mass food production methods, getting good quality, nutritious clean foods can be a challenge.  So, to make quality nutrition easy, Paradox Protein offer Vitality Pills, 100% pure cricket protein powder along with a range of cricket-based protein powders and blends so you can simply add water, shake or blend and enjoy!  And because Paradox Protein breed, seed and grow all their own crickets in an organic environment (link to ethical paragraph), you know you will be getting a 100% clean and natural product.


Giving back and impacting lives

Allison’s dream is for the Western world to embrace crickets as a natural superfood protein source and use a proportion of the profits to take her products out to third world countries who are in desperate need of protein and good nourishment.  She wants her cricket farms to help humanity and positively impact the lives of millions of people.